Review – Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

  Publisher: Penguin Format: Hardback Pages: 363 Rating: 4/5   Comprised of fifty different women's anecdotes, poems, essays and musings, Feminists Don't Wear Pink explores the meaning of the word 'feminist'. This includes its connotations and historical reputation as well as its sociological meaning. For years, 'feminist' has been a dirty word, but collections such as this one are… Continue reading Review – Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

Women's Prize Longlist 2019 Reviews

Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Normal People

  Publisher: Faber and Faber Format: Hardback Pages: 266 Rating: 3/5   Normal People is a character study on teenagers Marianne and Connell as they struggle to get to grips with their social, academic and familial lives. Connell lives with his mother who got pregnant young and has raised him alone, whilst Marianne lives with her rich mother and… Continue reading Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Normal People


Review – Mouthful of Birds

  Publisher: Oneworld Publications Format: Paperback Pages: 228 Rating: 4/5   Schweblin has a talent for leaving the reader feeling as though they've been spun around multiple times and then left to fend off the resultant dizziness by themselves. Similar to Schweblin's previous collaboration with translator Megan McDowell, Fever Dream, Mouthful of Birds has an eerie air about it -… Continue reading Review – Mouthful of Birds