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Blog Tour Review – Skin

  Publisher: Legend Press Format: E-arc Release Date: 01/05/2019 Rating: 4/5 Book Depository: Paperback   Humans have become allergic to each other in this dystopian world. Families must live in isolation from one another, and Angela's family is no exception. Her husband Colin, daughter Amber and son Charlie mean everything to her, but does she really know them? After becoming… Continue reading Blog Tour Review – Skin

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May 2019 TBR

  Women's Prize Longlist Entries: The Women's Prize shortlist has now been announced, and three of the remaining books on my TBR for it have in fact been shortlisted, so I'm not overly worried about this list. I will still read and review Number One Chinese Restaurant and Lost Children Archive, as I have been… Continue reading May 2019 TBR

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Reading Wrap Up – April 2019

  O.W.Ls Magical Readathon Results:  This month I took part in the O.W.Ls magical readathon, with the aim of becoming a librarian. Whilst I strayed from my TBR, I managed to achieve the O.W.Ls for my particular career plus a couple of extras. Necessary O.W.Ls: 1. Ancient Runes (retelling) - For this exam, I picked… Continue reading Reading Wrap Up – April 2019

Women's Prize Longlist 2019 Reviews

Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Circe

  Publisher: Bloomsbury Format: Hardback Pages: 333 Rating: 4/5 Book Depository: Hardback // Paperback   Circe is the daughter of Helios, God of the sun, but this has not protected her from the centuries of pain and humiliation she has experienced at the hands of relatives and friends of the family. Her own mother shows scorn for her from the very start,… Continue reading Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Circe

Women's Prize Longlist 2019 Reviews

Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Ordinary People

  Publisher: Vintage Format: Paperback Pages: 326 Rating: 3/5 Book Depository: Paperback   Diana Evans explores themes of grief, love, friendship and parenthood through her two flailing couples. Michael and Melissa are struggling to remain intimate after having a new baby. Michael is still deeply in love with Melissa, but she sees him in a different light when day after… Continue reading Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Ordinary People

Women's Prize Longlist 2019 Reviews

Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Remembered

  Publisher: Dialogue Books Format: Hardback Pages: 289 Rating: 5/5 Book Depository: Hardback   It is 1910 in Philadelphia and there is unrest on the streets. A black man has driven a street car into a shop window. Spring's beloved son Edward has been put into a coma by angry white onlookers as a result, but is he… Continue reading Women’s Prize Longlist Review – Remembered

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ARC Review – Use Your Imagination!

  Publisher: Nimbus Publishing Format: E-arc Release Date: 15/04/2019 Rating: 2/5   Thank you to NetGalley who sent me this e-arc in exchange for an honest review. This is a collection of short stories surrounding how the narratives we tell affect our identities, and how an unreliable narrator can warp history. They each surround a person telling somebody else's… Continue reading ARC Review – Use Your Imagination!