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February 2020 Reading Playlist

This month, I have been all about the melodic or atmospheric music, ranging from black metal to synth pop. Get ready to be thoroughly confused by my music tastes, and please leave any recommendations or favourites in the comments! 


1. iii by Puppy 

Puppy were announced for Download festival this year, and I was curious by them, so gave them a listen. I was instantly drawn to them for their fresh sound that blends some gritty sounds with frontman Jock Norton’s languorous vocals. I’ve been listening to both this album and their previous album The Goat pretty much every day, and have been sharing them with anyone who will listen. Favourite songs of mine have been Black Hole and World Stands Still from The Goat, and Serotonin and Charms from iii. I would whole heartedly recommend giving them a listen, as they transcend genres and provide an invigorating listening experience.


Les Voyages de l'ame

2. Les voyages de l’âme by Alcest

Alcest are a French band that play a branch of black metal called blackgaze, which essentially means it is more ethereal sounding than heavy. Their music is absolutely perfect for reading, specifically this album, which happens to be one of my favourites of all time. The opening song Autre temps promises the subsequent musical experience to be a treat for the mind, and it certainly does not disappoint. It is easy to get lost in frontman Neige’s dream like vocals, and allow yourself to be lost in the rhythm whilst simultaneously becoming lost in a good book. Even if you are not generally a fan of black metal, this could be enjoyable as it is not as stereotypically heavy as other bands from the genre. 


3. Litourgiya by Batushka 

This album is certainly not for everyone, but it has a rich sound to it, and highlights original Batushka frontman Krzysztof Drabikowski’s talent as a vocalist. Unfortunately for me, I have to choose between this band and the aforementioned Alcest next month, as both of their gigs are on the same day, which makes me sad. However, to have found two great metal bands that are great as reading background is very fortunate, and I would recommend if you’re looking to get into the genre. 


4. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Since being announced for Slam Dunk festival this year, I have been listening to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes non-stop – they do punk covers of popular songs, and I adore them! I don’t have a definitive favourite album by them, but rather flit between them all for my favourite songs, some of which are Believe, Wild World, End of the Road and Rocket Man. Even if you’re not usually a fan of punk music, they have something that would suit everyone, and everyone knows the words, so they provide excellent entertainment. 


5. Supervision by La Roux

La Roux is back, and although I can’t say I really listened to them before, this album has certainly caught my attention. The album is reminiscent of Christine and the Queens, whilst providing something entirely fresh to the synth pop genre, providing with a shot of colour and originality. It is an album to dance around the living room to, and I have a feeling it is going to become a go to pick me up album. 




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