Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated Releases – February 2020

So my goal of publishing a post every day in January definitely fell by the wayside as I am currently in the middle of a seven day run at work and can barely keep my eyes open. My sister in law needed to borrow our laptop, so I didn’t get to schedule posts for this week, and I have been falling asleep almost as soon as I get home instead of working on posts or reading. Next time I attempt to do a challenge similar to this, I will ensure I am more organised with it, but I’m glad I gave it a go – I was more disciplined with my ideas than I have been for a very long time, and I’m excited to continue with my posts going forwards. I have a week off soon, so I’ll be scheduling lots of posts for February. 

I wanted to post my anticipated releases for February before the month starts rather than after like I did with my January releases, because it gives people more of a chance to pre-order if they wish to and potentially organise some buddy reads if people are interested. 

Escape Routes Screenshot

1. Escape Routes by Naomi Ishiguro – Released 6th February 2020

I’ve already pre-ordered this one as I had a gift card to use, and I cannot wait to read it at the beginning of next month. This collection of short stories sounds like the perfect blend between the fantastical and contemporary, including one in which a child conjures a vortex in the airing cupboard. When I was a child, I always imagined there was a witch living in my aunt’s airing cupboard, and would have extremely vivid nightmares about it, which makes me even more intrigued about reading this. 

The Illness Lesson

2. The Illness Lesson by Clare Beams – Released 6th February 2020

A historical novel set in the 1800s, The Illness Lesson follows Samuel Hood’s attempt to create a school for young women and what happens when the girls begin exhibiting some strange symptoms. Samuel’s own daughter Caroline begins to experience them and discovers firsthand that women have no say when it comes to their own minds and bodies. 

A Tall History of Sugar Screenshot

3. A Tall History of Sugar by Curdella Forbes – Released 6th February 2020

Set in the 1950s with Jamaica and an England divided by class and racial prejudice as its backdrop, this novel explores the effects of colonialism and ostracisation. An epic love story is also present, and it will be interesting to see how that will play out alongside the more difficult aspects of the story. 

Tyll Screenshot

4. Tyll by Daniel Kehlmann – Released 6th February 2020

Tyll is Kehlmann’s exploration of a German folktale from the 13th century. Kehlmann transfers the folktale to the 17th century and turns monarchs and politicians alike into puppets at the hands of the character of Tyll. This sounds like it will be an interesting piece of satire, and I’m certainly intrigued by it. 

Verge Screenshot

5. Verge by Lidia Yuknavitch – Released 6th February 2020

This is a contemporary short story collection that explores what life is like on the margins of society, whether that be geographically or socially. I feel as though this will perfectly offset the more fantastically based Escape Routes, and provide a balance in the short stories I hopefully get to during the next few months. 

What we’ve learned from my anticipated releases this month, is that the 6th February is a very popular book release day, and that I’m still entirely obsessed with short story collections. Important facts to know, people! Let me know which books you’re anticipating in February, and what you think of the books on this list. 



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