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Book Prizes I’m Interested in for 2020

Last year I read the longlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in its entirety, and will hopefully be doing the same again this year, but I wanted to have a think about other prizes I could select books from, and this is a list of ones I’m currently interested in. 

1. Women’s Prize for Fiction 

It will come as no surprise that I’m interested in this one given my history of reading and enjoying many of the books that have been longlisted for it. I have even begun a project that explores past longlists for this prize, so it naturally belongs on this list. The longlist for this is announced on the 3rd of March, the shortlist on the 22nd of April and the winner on the 3rd of June. 

2. Man Booker International Prize

I’m still salty with the Man Booker Prize for diluting Bernadine Evaristo’s win last year, so I’m unsure whether or not I want to be supporting that particular prize just yet, I suppose it depends on which books are longlisted. However, the Man Booker International Prize continues to pique my interest, as I am extremely fond of reading works of translated fiction, especially if they are own voices. Last year I attempted to read the shortlist, but failed as personal problems took over my reading life. However, this year I will be looking at the longlist and selecting some of the books off it to read and review on here. The longlist for this prize is announced on the 27th of February, the shortlist on the 2nd of April and the winner on the 19th of May. 

3. Walter Scott Prize

This is a prize solely for historical fiction set at least sixty years ago, and as I’ve been thoroughly enjoying historical fiction recently, I am interested in this prize. I don’t think I will be following this one as ardently as some of the others, but I may select one or two of the list to read, if they interest me. The longlist for this one will be announced in March, the shortlist in April, and the winner will be announced between the 11th and the 14th of June. 

4. The Orwell Prize

The Orwell Prize is comprised of four separate prizes – the Prize for Political Fiction; Prize for Journalism; Prize for Exposing Britain’s Social Evils and the Prize for Political Writing. I’m not sure which of these appeals to me most, so I will most likely scan each respective longlist, and pick a few items to read. The longlists for the Orwell Prizes are announced in April, the shortlists in May and the winner on or around George Orwell’s birthday on the 25th of June. 

Looking at this list, I realise how overly ambitious my plans are, but I love finding new books to read, and book prizes can be one of the most effective ways of finding literature that you may not ordinarily be able to find for yourself. These book prizes are exclusively from the UK, because that is where I live, so I have easier access to these books. However, please let me know which particular book prizes you follow from your respective country, if different from mine, so I can potentially add to this list. 

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