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Project Announcement – Reading the Women’s Prize Past to Present

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Today I am announcing a long-term project for myself in an attempt to understand the passing changes in popular themes in fiction throughout the past twenty five years that the women’s prize for fiction has been running. My aim will be to read the longlist from each year, review each book on here, and subsequently create my own shortlist to see if how I read critically now matches up with how the judges may have judged back in each corresponding year. 

This is a large project to undertake, and I’m aware there may be books I don’t get along with. However, my curiosity gets the better of me, and I would like to see if there are any hidden gems that have been forgotten along the way. I will still be reading and reviewing other books, and uploading other types of posts, so please don’t worry if this project doesn’t sound like your cup of tea! 

I will be starting this project as of now with the 1996 longlist, which I aim to finish before the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction is announced on the 3rd March. I will take a break from the past prizes to read and review this year’s entries, but will return to 1997 afterwards in what will, most likely be around May or June time. 

I’m predicting and hoping that I will see an increase in diversity as the years progress, and hope to add some new favourite authors to my repertoire and also to revisit old favourites, such as Zadie Smith. Furthermore, it’s always nice to find older recommendations for the people who read my blog, especially as much of the book community is rooted in reading and reviewing newer releases. As I said, I will still be reviewing some new releases, and newer backlist titles, but this is a project I am thoroughly excited about and I hope some of you will become involved too! 

I will post an official start to my 1996 longlist reading tomorrow, which will be followed by reviews of the books with other reviews in between, such as my review for American Dirt, and one for Pine, both of which I discussed in my Most Anticipated Releases for January. Here’s to the new year and new mind opening projects. Let me know if you have anything big planned reading wise for the new year!


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