Top Five TBRs

Top Five TBR – Anticipated Fantasy Authors

With my bigger reading goals in recent years, I’ve been reading less fantasy, which makes me sad, so this TBR serves as a personal reminder that there are still some big fantasy authors that I haven’t read yet. Over the course of the year, I hope to tick some of these big names off my list and hopefully enjoy all of the books from them I try. Let me know if there are any other fantasy authors you love that I ought to add to my list, and I’ll do my best to get to them soon!

Robin Hobb:

Most people who’ve read Robin Hobb say this first series is not as strong as her later ones, so I’ve been putting it off slightly. However, I love assassin stories, I love stories about dragons and I love kick-ass female fantasy authors, so I should just knuckle down and get these read. Assassin’s Apprentice follows Fitz, the bastard son of the shamed crown prince, who trains as an assassin in order to protect himself from the enemies he is surrounded with. I have some specific projects planned next month, but I’m considering attempting to squeeze this first book in if I can. 


Tales From Earthsea Screenshot


Ursula K. Le Guin:

Ursula K. Le Guin is regarded as a classic fantasy author, and with my attempt to read a) more fantasy and b) more fantasy by women, I thought it was appropriate to add her to my list. Not to mention the covers for her books, especially the Science Fiction Masterworks ones, are amazing. The Tales From Earthsea synopsis sounds incredible, surrounding a young boy and his adventures whilst at wizardry school. If you’ve read from Le Guin’s bibliography, is this series the best place to start, or would you recommend something else? 



Josiah Bancroft:

I bought the first book in Bancroft’s series with a Waterstones voucher and then put it aside like the horrible book owner I am, so I’d love to get to it this year, and potentially continue. All of the fantasy booktubers and book bloggers who have reviewed this, to my knowledge, have recommended it, which piques my interest even more. Whilst it sounds like it could fall foul of gender stereotypes, with a synopsis that sounds a little like Mario rescuing Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser, I am willing to give it a chance in the hopes that it will prove me wrong.



Naomi Novik:

Dragons are my favourite, and there are dragons on the covers of this series by Naomi Novik, so I’m sold! Set during the Napoleonic Wars, the Temeraire series follows Captain William Laurence and his dragon whom the series is named after. Being thrown into having a dragon as his companion, Laurence struggles to find a balance between training and following his dream. I’ve seen excellent reviews for this series, and thought I would start with it over Uprooted or Spinning Silver, as it seems like something I can really stick my teeth into. 



Sebastien de Castell:

Sebastien de Castell’s Spellslinger, pictured above, is on my current to be read pile for this month, although it will probably be read later rather than sooner in the month, given my current plans for new projects forming. Spellslinger is about a sixteen year old boy who doesn’t have magic in a world where it is frowned upon to be different in this way, whilst Traitor’s Blade is about a divided group of mercenaries called the Greatcoats, who must find a way to reunite in their goals before the world falls to pieces. I chose to start with Spellslinger, simply because Traitor’s Blade seems more epic fantasy and I cannot commit to a series of extra long books at this specific moment. However, inevitably I will turn to that one if I enjoy the first series I read by him. 



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