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January Reading Playlist

For this new year, I’ve decided to upload a monthly reading playlist – essentially the albums I radiate towards whilst I’m reading. These albums often change, although they do go into rotation, so there’s always something I know I’ll love available for me to listen to. This is a list of albums I’ve got in my January playlist – let me know if you like any of these bands/songs or if there are any others you’d like to recommend to me in the comments. 

Tragic Kingdom .png

1. Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt 

This album is a classic in my musical back catalogue and I will always whip it out when I’m unsure on what to listen to. Gwen Stefani is an example of how women can be repeatedly stepped on but emerge to grab their own success from under the noses of those who tried to deny it her. Tragic Kingdom is crammed full of songs that blurs the lines between ska, punk, new wave and pop, merging them together in a unique blend of medicine for my ears. Stand out songs for me are Spiderwebs, Just a Girl and Sunday Morning, and whilst Don’t Speak is the song most people know No Doubt for, it is probably one of the ‘weakest’ on this album, which highlights just how fantastic it is. 


Tales From Wyoming


2. Tales From Wyoming by Teenage Bottlerocket

Being an album full of tracks that are fast and easy to listen to, Tales From Wyoming is an album that I personally find perfect to read to. By doing things like making quips about Metallica and including a whole song about Minecraft, Teenage Bottlerocket have, over the past year and a half, become one of my favourite punk bands. Stand out songs for me are I Found the One, They Call Me Steve (the Minecraft song!), Can’t Quit You and Haunted House, although there isn’t a single song on the album I’d consider skipping. 




3. Horses by Patti Smith 

I will listen to any Patti Smith album at any given time, but this one is one of my favourites, especially for reading. Patti Smith is my absolute favourite music artists, I think she is a lovely person, and both her books and her music are poignant, thought provoking and beautiful. I follow her on Instagram and she offers thoughts on buildings, art pieces, songs and her life experiences amongst other things, and she responds to her fans, which isn’t something a huge amount of artists do today. My favourite song on this album is Kimberly, because my little sister is also called Kimberley, and I always feel protective of her, despite the fact she’s about seven feet taller than me, and probably a great deal tougher than me too! 




4. Warriors by Badcop Badcop

Badcop Badcop are probably my absolute favourite band, and have been for about two years – they deliver their feminist messages whilst having a good time, and I love that about them. When I saw them at Download, they were 100% my favourite band there and I will never forget the experience! Female fronted punk bands are my niche and for me, Badcop Badcop are up there with the best of the best, I just wish they were more well known than they are. I love every single song on this album, but I’d especially recommend listening to Womanarchist, Amputations and Wild Me (but really just listen to the whole album, I implore you!) 






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