Reading Goals for 2020

This year I have set my Goodreads goal to one hundred books, after slowly increasing my goals for three years and hitting the target each time. I managed to exceed my goal of seventy five books last year by nine, and that was with quite a few personal struggles occurring, so hopefully now my mind is a bit clearer, I will be able to hit my goal of one hundred books. I also have a handful of micro goals for the year of 2020 to motivate me to read out of my comfort zone a little more (not that there is anything wrong with consuming the books that make you feel happy and comfortable!) These are as follows: 

1. Read more non-fiction 

More often that not, I love reading non-fiction books, especially music related memoirs and books about fascinating historical topics. However, last year I only read eight non-fiction books altogether – that doesn’t even equate to one per month. Therefore, I am going to make a conscientious effort to not only read more non-fiction but to seek out different types of non-fiction e.g. science, geography, history, nature etc. This is because, as much as I’d love to read Patti Smith’s books over and over again until the end of time, I would also like to broaden my horizons and learn about different subjects in an attempt to make my worldview more well rounded. 

2. Read more classics

This seems to be an extremely common goal amongst the reading community this year and I can understand why. When I get into a book slump, classics are certainly not the first type of books I reach for, because the language is often different to what I am used to, and I’m sure many other people can relate. Now, I’m not fussy when it comes to the definition of ‘classic’ – it can be a modern classic, as I think it would be a shame to rule those out. Usually, I simply choose something published in an Oxford World’s Classics, Penguin Classics, Vintage Classics or Penguin Modern Classics edition and go for it. Last year, I only read five classics, and I’d love to more than double that this year and attempt one a month, at least. 

3. Read more new releases

Reading more new releases is one of my goals because I would love to provide more current and upcoming reviews for you all to help people decide which books they would like to read and which they feel they may want to skip. Each month, I will pick two or three new releases I would really like to get to and review them on here. This way I will hopefully be reaching a balance between classics, backlist titles and new releases and become a more well rounded reader.

4. Read more children’s literature

Towards the end of last year, I began to read more children’s literature, which was extremely nostalgic and enjoyable for me, especially as a method of having a break in between bigger or more dense reads. Furthermore, I would like to curate a set of books for my niece of the best children’s literature I can find for when she is a little older, and therefore, will have to increase my reading from this age range. 

I don’t have any goals regarding the number of books on my to be read shelf or the amount of books I purchase or borrow, because that would be setting myself up for failure and I’d rather choose goals that are attainable right now. My brain at the moment likes to go with the flow, so that is what we shall do to a certain extent. Aside from the mini goals above, as long as it is a book and it gets read, I will consider myself to be doing alright. 

Let me know what your goals are for 2020 and if any of yours are the same as mine – maybe we can do a buddy read or something along those lines! 



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