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Currently Reading – The Truth of Climate Change and How We Can Change in Response

The government is extremely talented at keeping things from laypeople and brushing things that will be of detriment to them financially under the carpet. One such thing is climate change. Does the reduction of emissions negatively affect big corporations? Yes. Therefore, it has been swept aside and laughed about for decades. Countless numbers of scientists have attempted to get through to the leaders of our world, but each time they have been rebuked and ignored. Now though, we must change or it will be our lives, and our children’s lives on the line. To me, that is too high a cost to pay for fossil fuels and plastic. It is pure laziness to not design ecological products, and it shows a disregard for not only our stunning array of wildlife and environments, but also for our fellow human beings living on the frontline of the battle against climate change. It just so happens that these people do not have the money to express their concerns or create the technology to stop the destruction of their homes. And you know what they say, money talks. 

I was so taken aback by David Attenborough’s recent documentary on the subject of climate change that I immediately vowed to make several changes in my own life. I now refuse to eat at places that use plastic straws, try to avoid single use plastic where I can, put extra layers on instead of cranking up the heating and have reduced the amount of time I spend using electronics and the suchlike. However, all of this will be for nothing if we can’t get the huge corporations on board. Individuals can do as much as we possibly can, but it is not fair for us to be demonised for drinking out of a plastic bottle when there are doubtlessly companies out there dumping waste into rivers. 

This Is Not a Drill.jpg

What that lengthy introduction had me trying to say was that we need to take action collectively, and now. This book explains the reasons why and what we can do in order to save our planet. This Is Not a Drill is comprised of essays by a whole range of people who recognise the consequences climate change is having on our world – from scientists to politicians to people on the frontline struggling to make a living in places where the weather has made it almost impossible. I’m currently sixty pages in and it is already devastating. There is an account from a firefighter who fought the Californian fires who has been permanently and emotionally affected by the things they have seen. There is an account from a couple who are part of a community who are struggling to fend for themselves in a place where climate change has made things too unpredictable. For these people, community is everything and they are now being pushed towards migration and ostracisation as a result of the selfishness of first world countries. 

I’m interested to see what the rest of this book has to hold, and even more so to read the section about taking action ourselves. I try to limit the emissions I create, but I know I could always be better, so I would like to see if I can glean any tips from within these pages. Furthermore, I do believe in peaceful protest and activism and if this book suggests any ways I can get involved, then all the better. I urge everyone to read this book. Even if climate change was something that would only affect a handful of people, we should do something about it, because each individual is precious and important. However, the reality of it is that climate change has and will continue to affect everyone. So let’s do something about it! 









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