Where Have I Been?

Recently I have been completely absent from the book community, and having spent some time away, am ready to immerse myself back into this wonderful thing that I love to do.

We lost our dog Ruby, after which I took a short break, because I wasn’t reading anything, nor did I have the drive to write anything. I didn’t want to come back and create sub-par reviews for this community that I love being a part of. Once I felt ready to come back, I planned and wrote a new review but then began to doubt myself and felt I wasn’t qualified to do this and influence people’s decisions on whether or not they read a book. I felt like a fraud, and it sent me into a whopping book slump, leading me to read less in two or three months than I normally would in one. This was very disheartening for me, and I just wanted to give up.

Finally, over the past two weeks, I have been battling an infection which just won’t quit, which has made my energy levels plummet and caused me to be often in severe pain. However, after seriously thinking about this blog, I felt it is something that really helps me and my mental health, and I think it would be to great detriment for me to give it up. I have a passion for writing these little reviews that I always think no one will like, and even if no one likes them, I will have enjoyed writing them. I think of the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching’ and adapt it to ‘write like no one’s reading’ and doing this has returned my confidence in myself. It doesn’t matter if what I write isn’t fabulous, or if I don’t read as much in a month as I’m used to – all of our voices count and it is this that I need to remember.

I hope you don’t think any less of me for taking such a huge chunk of time off, and I sincerely hope I can integrate myself back into the community with renewed excitement, because it is really one of the best groups of people I have ever encountered, and I have never felt so supported in my life. I know I probably didn’t need to explain myself and that this is the most boring post in the world, but I just thought I’d provide some insight into my life, and hopefully, in this way, make myself open to helping other people who are going through similar experiences.

Thank you for reading and being such a valuable addition to my life. I’m working on a few different posts right now, that will be up over the next couple of weeks, and hope to be back on a regular posting schedule from now on.

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