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Reading Wrap Up – April 2019

April 2019 Wrap Up.jpg


O.W.Ls Magical Readathon Results: 

This month I took part in the O.W.Ls magical readathon, with the aim of becoming a librarian. Whilst I strayed from my TBR, I managed to achieve the O.W.Ls for my particular career plus a couple of extras.

Necessary O.W.Ls:

1. Ancient Runes (retelling) – For this exam, I picked Circe by Madeline Miller for my TBR, and this one I stuck to. Circe was a fantastic retelling of the story of Circe the witch, and many other myths besides. I wrote a review for the book here if you’re interested in what I thought in detail. 

2. Arithmancy (work written by more than one author) – Having read Illuminae in February, I was more than ready to revisit that particular world, so I chose Gemina for this challenge. I’m pleased to say I completed this challenge, and immediately ordered Obsidio, which I’m hoping to read in June. 

3. Defence Against the Dark Arts (reducto: a title that starts with R) – I wanted to read Remembered for this challenge as part of my Women’s Prize Longlist read through. I completed this challenge and have a full review of it here if you are interested in what I thought.

4. History of Magic (a book published at least ten years ago) – This is where I began to deviate slightly from my TBR, as I just wasn’t in the mood for Persuasion. Instead, I decided to pick up The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe, and if I’m totally honest, I was slightly disappointed. I will have a full review of this book coming in the next few days if you’re interested in what fell short for me.

5. Transfiguration (a book with sprayed edges or a red cover) – I picked another Women’s Prize Longlist entry for this challenge, which was Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and would definitely recommend. My full review for this book can be found here.


Optional O.W.Ls: 

1. Astronomy (a book with ‘star’ in the title) – Unfortunately, I did not get around to completing this challenge, as my focus was on the O.W.Ls I needed for my career, and also on the Women’s Prize entries. I am still interested in reading the book I chose, but no longer in the immediate future. 

2. Care of Magical Creatures (a book with a land animal on the cover) – I simply wasn’t in the mood for The Familiars during the month of April, so I didn’t manage to get around to completing this particular challenge either. 

3. Charms (age-line: read an adult book) – I chose Number One Chinese Restaurant for this book, but because I’d deviated from my TBR earlier in the month, I didn’t have time to read it. Luckily, Daisy Jones and the Six does fit into this challenge, so I still completed it. My review for Daisy Jones can be found here.

4. Divination (a book set in the future) – I was really excited to read Ancillary Justice, but unfortunately, I just didn’t have the time to read it. I got sick in April, and then started a new job, so it has been a bit of a flustered time for reading. I am hoping to dedicate some serious reading time to science fiction and fantasy over the summer, so this one should get read then. 

5. Herbology (book with plants on the cover) – My initial choice for this challenge was The Priory of the Orange Tree, but that book is over eight hundred pages and after getting sick, it simply wasn’t happening, so I’m pushing that one to June’s TBR when I will hopefully have a little bit more time to dedicate to it. Instead, I chose to read Praise Song for the Butterflies, which is another Women’s Prize entry, and one which has become a favourite. My review for this book will be up in the near future, so keep an eye out for that one. 

6. Muggle Studies (a contemporary) – For this I chose Ordinary People, and actually stuck to it, as it is yet another Women’s Prize entry (and one that made the shortlist). Unfortunately for me, I was slightly disappointed by it, although I did still enjoy it. My full review can be found here.

7. Potions (next ingredient: sequel) – I chose a manga for this, because I thought I’d need a break in between some of the heavier books, and I was right. This provided some comic relief in between books with heavier themes, and I’m excited to continue with the series in May. 


Blue Exorcist volume 3.jpg


E-Arc Wrap Up:

These e-arcs were sent to me on NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews

1Where Song Replaces Silence by Layla Dorine – I enjoyed this novella well enough, although I would have liked more from it. My full review can be found here.

Where Song Replaces Silence

2. Use Your Imagination! by Kris Bertin – I had a fair few problems with this book, and therefore didn’t enjoy too much. You can find out why in my full review here

I read a total of eleven books this month, which I’m extremely happy with, and can’t wait to get stuck into May’s TBR, which includes five books for the Asian readathon. Let me know what your favourite book of April was, and any recommendations you might have. Happy reading everyone!

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