Review – The Good Immigrant



Publisher: Unbound

Format: Paperback

Pages: 234

Rating: 5/5


The Good Immigrant is a social commentary about what it is like to reside in Britain as a non-white individual. Comprised of anecdotes and essays surrounding the topic, the book highlights the institutional racism that is embedded within British society. As a British citizen, I am thoroughly appalled that racism is still a huge problem in what is supposed to be an accepting, first world country. When racist groups are allowed to openly roam the streets attacking people based on the colour of their skin, with few consequences, it makes me think we have gone back in time, and it is for want of a better word, rubbish. 

My emotions whilst reading this book ranged from astonishment that some people can be so ignorant, such as in ‘Namaste’ the story by the editor, Nikesh Shukla, to downright anger after stories such as ‘The Wife of a Terrorist’ by Miss L. Sometimes I simply could not believe that people could be so horrible, to the point of physically and mentally abusing individuals they deemed to be different to themselves. 

There was not a single story within this compilation that I thought was weak, they were all extremely powerful and thought provoking, which is important in an age when issues are being swept under the carpet by the media. I’m interested in actively seeking out other projects the authors have been involved in, and I’m glad people funded the creation of this book.

As a white British person, I cannot claim to relate to the racism, under representation in media, and stereotypes experienced by the authors, but that makes the book all the more important, as it pulls back the curtains of ignorance from my eyes, and makes me want to fight the injustice even more. I thoroughly recommend this book to everyone, and would love to push it into the hands of people who think it is acceptable to hate someone based on their race. 

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